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750ml Kryptonite Flair Bottle

Muy buena!

By: Federico Paradiso  ago 6 Day

750cc Bahia Cocktail Shaker (2 pieces)

Me encantó el producto, además de ser mi primera coctelera me resultó práctica para usar y además cumple muy bien su función. Sin dudas la recomiendo

By: Santiago Saiquita  ago 2 Week

Bar Equipment

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High quality, anti-fatigue rubber floor, designed to avoid muscle pain when standing for long hours in the service, in case of spills, the perforated surface will keep you safe when moving over it. Flexible, resistant...
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Mat or rubber service mat, indispensable element in the workstation of any bar, non-spill and drop surface, resistant and easy to wash. Keep your work area safe and clean. Ideal space to beat and prepare your...
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3-tier cup edger, the upper one includes a sponge where lemon juice is normally added to moisten the rim of the cup. The 2 lower trays can carry salt or sugar, both traditional and colored. Made of black plastic,...
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Bar mat or rubber mat, indispensable element in any ideal bar to present your cocktail to the client, used in conjunction with the service mat mat at the bottom of the bar for your work station. Anti-spill and drop...
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Manual cup washer designed to clean those glasses and cups where the hand cannot reach, double brush, clean outside and inside cups and glasses in a single pass, totally disagreeable and durable, with 4 suction cups...
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Perfect for organizing your workstation, the 4-compartment bar organizer has 2 spaces for straw, one for cup holders and one for napkins. Made of matte black gloss plastic, durable and easy to clean.
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