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28oz Weighted Cocktail Shaker Tin

Excelente producto

Buenos productos en general, buena atención. Muchas gracias!!

By: Mauro Montes  ago 2 Day

Martini Glass Cup 150cc

es de muy buena calidad! excelente... recomiendo

By: Lorena Maegibo  ago 1 Months
Bar mat or rubber mat, indispensable element in any ideal bar to present your cocktail to the client, used in conjunction with the service mat mat at the bottom of the bar for your work station. Anti-spill and drop...
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Stainless steel pizon in a single piece, with a serrated head ideal for crushing fruits, herbs, spices and sugar among other ingredients. It allows you to extract all the juices, natural essences and aromas of your...
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Manual cup washer designed to clean those glasses and cups where the hand cannot reach, double brush, clean outside and inside cups and glasses in a single pass, totally disagreeable and durable, with 4 suction cups...
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