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28oz Weighted Cocktail Shaker Tin

Muy buenas todas las herramientas, muy recomendable!

By: Javier Ruhl  ago 1 Weeks

3 Tiers Salt Rimmer


Era lo que estaba necesitando para mi bar. La herramienta necesaria para labear. Excelente producto

By: Sebastian Aranguren  ago 2 Week

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Boston Tin Set Boston Tin Set Boston Tin Set
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Reduced price-ARS985.00
Professional design and quality tool kit, equipment that cannot be missing from your bar, each item in this set stands out for its durability, finish and delicate design.
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SET deluxe SET deluxe SET deluxe
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Reduced price-ARS657.00
Kit of professional tools of first quality, careful design and durability, this set includes jigger, strainer, spoon, pizon mortar and cocktail shaker, each one of them high-end, recommended for demanding bartenders.
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Flair Bartender Set Flair Bartender Set Flair Bartender Set
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Reduced price-ARS516.00
Flair exhibition kit, includes speed opener + neon tin 28z shaker and 750cc Kryptonite bottles, tools that glow in black light adding a distinctive touch to your show.
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Premium SET 6 units Premium SET 6 units
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Reduced price-ARS408.00
Tool kit of excellent quality and finishing, ideal as a gift or for work in bars, includes the essential elements for preparing cocktails.
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