• 2 & 3 pieces shakers

    2 & 3 pieces shakers

    <p>Cocteleras profesionales ideal para cocktails clásicos de 2 y 3 cuerpos. Fabricadas en Acero Inoxidable o Aluminio. Vienen en 2 presentaciones 500 y 750cc, con o sin filtro (colador) incluido</p>
  • TIN´s and Mini Tins Shakers

    TIN´s and Mini Tins Shakers

    <p>Cocktail shakers 28 oz. American model, developed in flexible steel and very resistant to knocks and falls. Model designed to be used in conjunction with the Boston glasses, forming the classic Boston-Tin shaker, or with the lids (mini Tins) that you desire. Fully customizable You will also find mini tins (cocktails lids tins) of different sizes, colors and designs, depending on the model you choose will increase or decrease the capacity of your shaker, you will find models of 16, 18oz, with and without counterweight, colors, etc.</p>