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  • Cocktail Sets

    Cocktail Sets

    <p>Cocktail sets - Combos of tools in classic presentations and in metallic colors, neon or with ideal grip to give as gifts. They contain the fundamental tools to prepare national / international cocktails</p>
  • Shakers


    <p>Shakers for Professional Bartenders, classic models of 2 and 3 parts, of various sizes and finishes, Tins Shakers and Mini tins ideal for the Flair Bartender</p>
  • Bottle Pourers

    Bottle Pourers

    <p>Universal pourers for any bottle from the bar, to control the discharge into your bottle and consume. Pourers of 1 oz in 2-4 times, pourers with cut, measuring and more</p>
  • Bartender tools

    Bartender tools

    <p>Essential tools/accessories when preparing cocktails in a professional manner. You can find mortars, meters, spoons, spouts, uncovers and much more.</p>
  • Bottle openers and corkscrews

    Bottle openers and corkscrews

    <p>Sacacorchos destapadores, abridores de gaseosas, vinos y champagne</p>
  • Bar Equipment

    Bar Equipment

    <p>You need to equip your bar? We have everything you need and more! We have the widest line of the international market accessible to yours:</p> <p>can find Mats, fruit Organizers / bar, Dispensers, Floor Mats, rimers and more! Excellence and quality in one place.</p>
  • Glassware


    <p>We have an extensive line of glassware oriented bar, cocktail glasses, hurricane, margarita mixing glass and more!</p> <p>You can find different qualities of glass for the same model as type of glass, transparency and termination</p>
  • Disposable Glassware

    Disposable Glassware

    <p>You can find cups, glasses, jars, plastic ice bucket, light articles!, LEDs, ideal for parties, catering, bars and discos, which will make your event unique.</p> <p></p> <p>Articles disposable plastic in different presentations, fully transparent (simile glass) or plastic color / natural, flexible more lifetime.</p> <p>Imitations of classical and exotic cups, we have a great variety.</p>
  • Bar Clothing

    Bar Clothing

    <p>Pique polo shirts, tank top, aprons, towels and more! specially designed for professional bartenders, quality guaranteed.</p> <p>New designs printed on high quality vinyl material that exceeds the printing screen printing (painting) or traditional embroidery.</p>